November 16, 2020
From 1312 Press

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Eric King is an anarchist political prisoner and poet convicted of an attempted arson via a molotov cocktail of an empty state representative’s office in solidarity with the Ferguson uprising. Eric was sentenced to 10 years and is serving time in the federal prison system. He remains outspoken against the BOP despite constant retaliation. You can read some of his writings here:

What It Looks Like To Be An Antifascist In Prison

1312 Press is pleased to announce we have t-shirts for sale to help raise money for Eric King’s legal case. The BOP is intent on keeping him locked up for longer than his sentence, you can read about their false charges against him and the official fundraiser here.

Shirts are $30 each, shipping included, printed on tan Gildan shirts. Please consider ordering a shirt so that we can contribute to Eric’s struggle for freedom and continue to spread awareness about his plight.