January 21, 2021
From Stand Up To Racism (UK)

The four people charged with criminal damage for removal of the Colston Statue have their first court hearing on 25th January at Bristol Magistrates Court.

If you are glad that Colston is no longer on a pedestal in Bristol, join the online event to show them your support. There will be a teach in and an 8 minute of silence at 9.45am to remember the 84,500 people whose kidnap and enslavement Colston helped to fund & organise during his time with the Royal Africa Company. As well as taking time to commemorate the enslaved whose many rebellions brought about abolition.

Given the ongoing risks from the new variant of Covid-19, people should not attend protest at the magistrates court in person but to do so virtually instead.

Between 9.30am and 10pm on Monday 25thm campiagners are asking for peopel to show their solidarity via photos and posts on their social media using #GladColstonsGone, saying why you’re glad Colston’s statue is no longer on our streets.

Source: Standuptoracism.org.uk