November 17, 2020
From Wessex Solidarit (UK)

Swastikas for Numpty: Catching up with the vexing antics of an unfunny double-act

There’s a reason our flag’s got a line through it.
Why does nihilism get such a bad press? How many movements have actually assassinated an autocrat?

Cautiously pessimistic

Over the past week or so, Nina Power, the rather troubled theorist who I’ve had cause to write about a few times now, has found herself drawing criticism again, this time for a piece about flags she wrote to accompany a New Zealand art exhibition that had lots of flags, including a lot of far-right ones*.

When discussing this kind of deliberately transgressive artwork, the kind of conversation where you can tell that any criticism is going to be written off as coming from pearl-clutching Mary Whitehouse PMRC types who just hate daring art, it’s tempting to begin by listing off controversial favourites to establish that I’m one of the cool kids too, to start literally or metaphorically blowing the dust off old copies of Lautreamont or Jelinek, or performatively enthusing over Black Randy & the Metrosquad or the early years of Odd Future. But I think…

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