July 23, 2020
From PNW Youth Liberation (USA)


Why the elk statue that once stood in Portland is a perfect symbol for this uprising.

Since May 28th, 2020, people have been protesting at the Portland Police Central Precinct (Justice Center) calling for the abolition of police, the protests started as an occupation of the building led by a local black revolutionary and have been going on for 50 days straight.

The fountain and Elk statue is a very nearby landmark and one of the only statues in the area that doesn’t represent colonialism, the fountain has become a regular place for bonfires and gathering of the community, people riding the Elk statue during an insurrection against the state, while our community became too powerful for the police state to control, that elk was standing strong with us, tear gas and all.

The statue was donated to Portland in 1900 was was made to “commemorate the Elk that once lived in the area”, Elk that we’re driven out by colonialism and mass capitalist expansion, Elks have been killed off by colonialists just like our comrades are now.

The Elk that once stood in the ring of fire and through the tear gas symbolizes that we must be strong and resilient and hold our ground no matter how bad things are, stay together, stay tight, we do this every night.

Source: Pnwylf.noblogs.org