January 3, 2021
From The Free

2021 is here. But what’s the difference? Well, for one thing lots of people from all sides are saying ‘Capitalism Must Fall.. We’re Destroying the Planet!’

With today’s tech Utopia has never been more possible. But we’re locked into a ‘man eat man race to the bottom’. No choice now but to pay impossible bills and slave at anything going.

The future looks bad. How is a transition possible without triggering collapse, climate chaos, famine and a nuclear holocaust?

What use are fine anarchist and socialist theories with no possible way of getting from A to B?

But in reality there are ways. If we could only see outside our Blinkers.

The novel The Free, which you can download here, has been described as ”” the most detailed fictional treatment of the movement from a world recognizably like our own to an anarchist society that I have read.. imagined strongly enough to allow readers to believe that events could happen this way.

Its not a popular or famous novel. The end of capitalism implies fear and denial. But as the powers that be plan their Great Fascist Reset its past time we were talking about real alternatives. And above all plans for how to get there ..

Epub/ Kindle / etc HERE https://wp.me/PIJl9-rM

Source: Thefreeonline.wordpress.com