November 26, 2020
From Prison Abolition


London Tattoo Circus is happening on the 6th of April 2019. There’s bunch of stuff on. Workshops and discussion, tattooing and piercing, bands an music, performance and kids circus, food and drink. games, art etc…get involved.

Tattoo Circus is a DIY Benefit event in solidarity with all who find themselves imprisoned for their ideas and actions within the prison society.

This is a moment for those inside and outside the walls, fences and borders to share, learn, create and let our rage against all state repression be represented.

We are only as strong on the outside as the support we give inside..

Abajo los muros! Tear down the walls!

Calling all tattooist, performers, musician, speakers, artists, building/setup/takedown crew, and people wanting to put on workshops.

Get in contact by either chatting to us or via Put in the subject title what your interest is.