School Strike for Climate is continuing in 2021. If you’ve read the underwhelming Climate Change Commission Report, you’ll understand why. The next nationwide action day is Friday, 9 April. The Wellington march will start at 11 am in Civic Square.

Demands include

Phasing out the use of fossil-fuels NATIONWIDE

Launching an independent inquiry into cleaner practises within the Agricultural Sector, such as cleaner fertilizers and regenerative farming

Honouring its responsibility to our Pacific Island neighbours and doing everything in their power to maintain such islands homes, culture & well-being, while making sure they have a home to migrate to, if and when the time comes

Immediate investment & subsidising of clean energies such as EV Cars and Solar Panel installation

Financially and physically supporting the transition of those working within unsustainable jobs into sustainable industries

Immediate investment in Climate Education, throughout the community and primary/secondary education

Removing local council subsidy cap on Public Transport, from the current 50% to wherever best suited