December 23, 2020
From Anarchist News

“Anarchists keep asking themselves the same question: What is anarchism? What does it mean to be an anarchist? Why? Because it is not a definition that can be made once and for all, put in a safe and considered a patrimony to be tapped little by little. Being an anarchist does not mean one has reached a certainty or said once and for all, ‘There, from now on I hold the truth and as such, at least from the point of view of the idea, I am a privileged person.’ Anyone who thinks like this is an anarchist in word alone. Instead the anarchist is someone who really puts themselves in doubt as such, as a person, and asks themselves: What is my life according to to what I do and in relation to what I think?”
~ Bonanno, from The Anarchist Tension

These two episodes of Immediatism feature a talk that Alfredo M. Bonanno gave in 1996 at the Laboratory Anarchico in Cuneo. The text is translated by Jean Weir. Originally published as an Elephant Edition in the UK, this is now available as a pamphlet from Little Black Cart.

The Anarchist Tension part 1…
Part 2…

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