December 15, 2021
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

See our opening coverage, day one & day two coverage to stay up to date! On to the events of day three; and we heard from the defendants today! We heard from Milo Ponsford;

He referred to the murder of George Floyd in the USA, which he said was the reason for the Black Lives Matter march in Bristol that day, and said his death plus the fact that the UK was in lockdown made it a particularly tense time for all.

Ponsford, a carpenter, said he was aware slaver Colston had committed crimes to human beings.

He said as far as he was aware everyone felt it was a disgrace his statue was still standing, despite a petition for the statue to come down and plans for its plaque to be reworded.

Also, we heard from Sage Willoughby;

Opening the defence for Willoughby at Bristol crown court on Wednesday, barrister Liam Walker told jurors they would hear evidence that the statue of Colston “was in fact indecent and threatening, particularly to members of the black community in Bristol”. Colston “cast a shadow” over Bristol “until the very statue that venerated him was forcibly and, we submit, lawfully removed from its plinth”, Walker added.

He said: “Edward Colston oversaw the genocide of 19,000 human beings – that number included children. All of them were enslaved with a brutality that you will learn about and will no doubt conclude is as upsetting as it is shocking.

“He is not, as has been described, a ‘divisive figure’. Colston’s vile, immoral enrichment and indeed his life should not, I suggest, divide opinion in the slightest.”

Walker said the actions and values of his client were “diametrically opposed” to those of Colston, and that he had never disputed his role in tearing the statue down.

The case continues. Oh, and also we wondered about the actual ‘criminal damage’?