November 16, 2020
From Permanent Anarchy

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” [The United States Declaration of Independence]

243 years since these words were declared, the promise of freedom and equality is still yet to be fulfilled. People are tired of economic deprivation, institutionalized racism and tone deafness of politicians. The murder of George Floyd was the last straw. The anger can no longer be contained. Thousands upon thousands swarm the streets all across the United States and say, “WE ARE TIRED! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! BLACK LIVES MATTER!”

Here in Hong Kong on the other side of the world, it is not possible for anyone with honesty to deny the striking similarities between the actions of US government and law enforcement agencies to those of the CCP and their lapdogs. In the name of “Law and Order”, police are tolerated to commit extreme brutality and all kinds of criminal behaviors without consequences. Freedom of assembly, freedom of speech and freedom of the press are all being chipped away bit by bit. They will go so far to vilify the popular movement as “terrorist”, “foreign adversaries” and “outside agitators”. These are all symptoms of an authoritarian state.

The Death of George Floyd is the “Monster-revealing Mirror”

The fascistic and brutal nature of the regime therefore forcefully confront us with two pieces of inconvenient truths.

The first truth: There are many wolves in sheep’s clothing walk among us. These wolves, they congratulate our resistance against oppression and brutality; they declare their support to us as fellow staunch defender of freedom and democracy. But the death of George Floyd stripped them naked of their lies. When the American revolutionaries come out to the streets to fight for the spirit of the nation, these wolves instead stand firmly loyal to an apartheid regime and its enforcers: corrupted politicians, militarized police force, the rich and the capitalists, evangelical fundamentalists, white nationalists and neo-nazis.

Just as they have barely done anything substantial in support of our struggle except a few empty rhetoric, they have done nothing to address the pain and suffering of the people of color in particular Black people, and the poor masses. They refuse to talk about how many Black person are profiled, brutalized and murdered by police, but they are eager to talk about burning and looting of properties. They were quick to arrest 10,000 protesters in a week, yet they would have not prosecuted the four officers murdered George Floyd without an uprising. They have no interest in addressing the plight of the people insomuch that they threaten to unleash extreme force against those who dare to oppose.

It is clear as day that they are nothing but opportunists. They pay lip service to our struggle for democracy in Hong Kong because it creates justification for their imperialist crusade to “Make America Great Again”. They will continue to defend a president that blatantly disregard the Constitution and democracy, as long as their proximity to power can be maintained. They are phony, they are fake, their ideology is just as authoritarian as the CCP. They are the oppressor to the American people just as the CCP are oppressor to us. They are not our true allies, they are the “blue ribbons” of United States.

If you stand with Hong Kong, but vilify Black Lives Matter, you are a hypocrite.

If you sympathize with Black Lives Matter, but denounce Tibetans and Uighurs, you too are a hypocrite.

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