October 9, 2021
From Gatorna (Sweden)


On 10th of June 2021 Køpi Wagenplatz eviction court case took place
at Moabit Criminal Court. As a result, Køpi Wagenplatz received an
eviction order, despite serious doubts about whether the lawyers were
acting on behalf of the owner. Since the signature in the power of
attorney presented by the lawyers bears no resemblance to the
plaintiff’s previously signed documents.
The existing doubts about
its authenticity justify the initiated appeal proceedings. Regardless,
the residents of Køpi Wagenplatz are acutely threatened with the loss of
their living space.

The owner of Sanus AG, Siegfried Nehls, who conceals his ownership in
numerous letterbox companies, is no stranger to the courts. Proceedings
concerning fraud and non-payment of workers have ended up in court
several times over the years and have been published in the media. This
strategy continues to damage those affected and society in general
amounting to millions of euros, it is the same for Startetzia GmbH with
its dubious managing director, Yervand Chukhajyan. Nobody knows this
person. He has not appeared in court. It is probably one of Siegfried
Nehl’s numerous straw men, who is probably not even aware of the court

The lawyers who appeared as his representatives are as disreputable
as the plaintiff. Dr. Bertrand Malmendier and Christoph Brzezinski from
the firm “Malmendier Legal”. Their discomfort was clearly visible when
they had to admit that they had no knowledge about their client Yervand
Chukhajyan. They were also unable to produce a signed document for their
power of attorney and did not answer the question as to how they had
come into contact with Yervand Chukhajyan, whom they represented.
is particularly poignant that Christoph Brzezinski attracted attention a
few years ago during his time as state chairman of Berlin CDU youth
organization, by spreading right-wing slogans and even showing swastika
symbols, however it did not harm his party-political career. *newspaper article

How can it be that with such an obvious falsification the proceedings
were continued by the judge Claudia Wolter, despite objections by
Køpi’s lawyer?
This devalues any trust in the judicial system.

It shows again that alleged property rights of criminally operated
postbox companies for profit are valued higher than the interests of the
people who inhabit, animate and love the places for 20 years.
despite the presumed fraud, Køpi Wagenplatz is now facing eviction. We
will not accept this verdict and Køpi will therefore appeal against this
decision. Nevertheless, the self-proclaimed owner Nehls has meanwhile
paid the deposit and will try to evict the square before the second
court date. Now where did this money come from? That should be examined
by the courts and police, It only took the judge Claudia Wolter 15
minutes of deliberation to decide against the fate of more than 50
people. At the same time, the court called in an additional police unit,
which only a second after the announcement of the verdict brutally
proceeded against the residents and their supporters. At the very moment
when the people learned that their homes of 20 years will be lost to a
criminal real estate company, the court found it right to physically
attack them!

Thus, it is to be feared that the series of evictions of left-wing
projects will continue. Even widely known youth clubs like the Potse are
not safe from forced closure. Last year alone, several collectives and
hundreds of private tenants had to leave their houses and flats.
Berlin’s Interior Senator Andreas Geisel has made an infamous name for
himself by assuring wealthy landlords* that there will be an enormous
police presence every time there is an eviction, of leftist free spaces,
but also of people in precarious situations. How can this be reconciled
with the values of his party, which claims to stand up for workers’
rights and affordable rents?

Many of these evictions took place at the time of the COVID-19
outbreak. During this global pandemic, which resulted in countless
people losing their jobs, turbo gentrification never stopped. The
construction sites never slowed down and the sale of the city to the
rich never stopped, while political protest was curtailed and repression
increased. This state failure is reflected in the further increase of
rents to unaffordable levels for normal earners.

Thus, numerous tenants continue to lose their homes. And countless
smaller tradespeople are being displaced and their livelihoods destroyed
because they can no longer afford the exorbitant rent demands for the
space they have occupied for years. As a result, the city’s important
infrastructure is crumbling away.

Køpi is fighting against this situation and is now completely
surrounded by the new buildings being constructed. Since 2011, the
speculative price for an undeveloped area around the Køpi car park has
increased tenfold.

Køpi refuses to lose part of our collective to right-wing supporters
and criminals like Nehls and to a so-called managing director who has
not even signed the documents required in court, Yervand Chukhajyan!

Køpi is acutely threatened with losing the wagon space and calls on
all supporters and friends to stand in solidarity for their and our
rights! Get active and creative! Protest against the sellout of the city
and the eviction of uncommercial free spaces!

The list below details the names and addresses of the people our
protest is directed at, who have made high profits with their criminal
business practices. Write to them and tell them what you think of their
activities. Only when they realize that their machinations are public
and no longer accepted, will these “business models” be stopped.
Remember that everyone is affected and must fight back together to
succeed. Inform your neighborhoods, friends and acquaintances about
these “businessmen” who pretend to be serious.

United we fight for the Køpi Wagenplatz, Rigaer94, Potse, Wagenplatz,
Mollie and for all spaces and collectives threatened with eviction!
Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Text in deutsch | English version | Adressen der “Besitzer”

Siegfried Nehls
Geboren am 30.11.1963
Meldeadresse: Karlsruher Straße 2a / 10707 Berlin, wohnt aber nicht dort
Gesehen bei : 14165 Grunewald (Berlin)
Krimineller, der glaubt, ihm gehöre Køpi, Vorstand der Sanus AG

Yervand Chukhajyan
Geboren am 09.11.1971 in Leninakan, Shirak, Armenien
Lebt in Berlin
Spitzname: Doktor
“Geschäftsführer” der Startetzia GmbH
im medizinischen Zentrum von Gyumri. Studium an der Russischen
Medizinischen Akademie für Post-Graduate-Ausbildung in Moskau
Studium der Chirurgie an der Staatlichen Medizinischen Universität Eriwan.

Malmendier Legal

Vertretene Anwälte gegen Køpi Wagenplatz :
Dr. Bertrand Malmandie
Christoph Brzezinski

Hakenkreuz-Abzeichen und rechte Parolen aus dem Jahr 2005 holen drei
Berliner CDU-Politiker ein. Die von der Bild-Zeitung veröffentlichten
Amateuraufnahmen von einer Reise der Studenten-Union nach Riga zeigen
eine Gruppe junger Männer, die in fröhlicher Runde zusammensitzen. Unter
ihnen sind Lukas Krieger (28), der Bundestagsabgeordnete Danny Freymark
(33) und der Landesvorsitzende der Jungen Union Christoph Brzezinski
(29). Das Video selbst ist so obskur wie irritierend: Zu Beginn der
Aufnahmen aus dem Jahr 2005 suggeriert ein Mann aus dem Off noch, dass
es besser wäre, die Kamera abzuschalten. Doch Freymark widerspricht:
“Nein… ich denke, das ist richtig aus dem Leben des Berliner
Studentenwerks.” Dann wird plötzlich eine Hakenkreuzplakette vor die
Linse gehalten und ein amüsiertes Raunen geht durch den Raum. “Das
Abzeichen von Christoph Brzezinski… für besondere Verdienste”, ist aus
dem Off zu hören. “Die Ehrennadel der Studentenverbindung. Die HJ.”
Lautes Gelächter.

Quelle: https://www.tagesspiegel.de/berlin/nazi-sprueche-und-ein-hakenkreuz-abzeichen-skandalvideo-belastet-berliner-cdu/13511764.html


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