March 7, 2021
From Enough Is Enough 14

The Hague. Netherlands. March 6. 2021. On Friday there was an action in solidarity with Dimitris Koufontinas. On March 7 there will be a demo in front of the Greek embassy in The Hague.

Originally published by Indymedia NL.

Yesterday a small group of anarchists gathered at Huygenspark in Den Haag. During the meet-up some graffiti was made, flyers and the 1872 newspaper were handed out.

The graffiti was in solidarity with D. Koufontinas who is on hungerstrike. More info here: People stayed for an hour and a half and kicked a football around after the graffiti was finished.

Tomorrow (Today, March 7, 2021) there will be a demonstration at the Greek embassy: