March 15, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

           When it comes to this Covid19 pandemic, each country points to other countries as doing much worse than they themselves are, it all helps to keep the people on the side of the government’s ineptitude in the handling of the pandemic. At the moment Brazil is coming in for some heavy criticism as the pandemic runs wild, mainly over the poorest regions of that country. Yes, the pandemic is decimating large swaths of the population, yes, its health service is being crippled, and yes, it is run by a macho idiot who tells the people to stop whining, says about his family that his daughter was a mistake, and also says that if your son show signs of wanting to be gay, slap him and you’ll see his attitude change. So Brazil has not got a lot going for it at the moment.
        However if we look at the most recent figures regarding covid19, they make interesting reading. They should be making us ask some very serious questions of our lords and masters, the political ballerinas that hold sway over our lives.

population 211 million, approximately,
covid19 cases, 11,483,370
covid19 deaths 278,229
deaths per million of the population, 1,318 approximately.

United Kingdom:
population 66.8 million, approximately,
covid19 cases, 4, 245,166
Covid deaths, 125,279
deaths per million of population, 1,874, approximately. 

       So we are doing much worse than Brazil in deaths per million of our population, and our political ballerinas are strutting about spouting our success. Are they unaware of these figures, or as usual they just ignore the facts they don’t like. We have to ask questions and we have to demand answers.

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