August 24, 2021
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

The #ImpossibleRebellion has begun. Extinction Rebellion’s latest mass action – just in London at present – is set to run until at least 3 September.

We noted yesterday that XR came about to confront the crisis that is climate change, and all its terrible impacts. We listed just some of the many critical reasons why action is needed now, and why it has to be political action. Action that confronts and ultimately takes down the political system that rules our lives – based purely on the need for constant economic growth & profit. We have our differences with XR: we disagree with their ideological stance on purely taking non-violent resistance because to us that’s like going into a fight with both arms tied behind our backs; we’ve disagreed too in the past with their apparent friendliness towards the police, because at the end of the day the cops are one of the armed wings of the state & capital, not our friends – but XR appears to have at last woken upto this fact, helped by the arrival of the authoritarian Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Bill – yep we need to #KillTheBill too!.

Perhaps now we disagree because we don’t think calling a ‘Rebellion’ is enough, we need much more, we need a ‘Revolution’, that gets rid of those who rule over us solely in their own interests – we need a society that lives in harmony with the environment & ecology, doesn’t kill the planet, and shares wealth equally so that nobody if left out or behind. Radicals used to say ‘we don’t just want the crumbs from the table, we want the whole cake’! But what we should say is ‘We don’t just want the cake, we want the table and all the chairs around it as well’! So XR’s symbolic use of a pink table in central London, at which everyone is invited for talks, could be a good step forwards. Except really the time for talking to politicians & corporations is over, after 25 COP’s & numerous other ‘world leaders’ summits, they’ve had their chance and they haven’t listened. Yes we need to encourage people to come to a table and join in discussions, benefitting from expert opinions & science, but we need Action Now. And yes we do think that small acts are worthwhile, because millions & billions of them do make a difference – and if nothing else they’ll help prepare us for the changes that have to come.

So is the #ImpossibleRebellion possible? Of course it is! We the masses, those who have most to lose, have a power in our numbers so great we can barely comprehend it – and that’s partly because our rulers constantly tell us we have no power, and that change is impossible. Which suits them just fine. So go on, check out the Impossible Rebellion, get involved, escalate it, spread it, turn it into reality. Here’s some of the core details…and remember, there’s nothing stopping you from acting right now wherever you may be.

From the XR website:

The Plan: This rebellion period must engage, mobilise and bring people together to face this crisis. Mobilisation and outreach will be embedded in everything we do, to create a beautiful, creative rebellion that grows into a whirlwind… Start big and get bigger!
How to take part:
Join the Rebellion Broadcast for live updates –
Find Talks & Trainings during the Rebellion –
Map of Welcome Hubs –
Find your role in the Rebellion –
Find your local group and stay involved – – check out XRBristol

Timeline (subject to change!):
Sun 22nd Aug: Opening of HUBS  – Day of training and workshops across London: Know Your Rights, NVDA, Crisis Talks, Action Support roles.
Mon 23rd Aug 10am – Trafalgar Square: REBELLION BEGINS! – Launch Crisis Talks as outreach and disruptive action, Occupations begin, Hubs and Digital Rebellion continue.
Tues 24th Aug 10am – St James Park: Not In Our Name an XR Cymru Action – Meet near Cafe at Storey’s Gate, St James Park.
Tues 24th Aug 11am: Make Pensions Green – Get Out Of Oil & Gas with XR Grandparents & Elders – Meet at Tooley Street, London Bridge.
Tues 24th Aug 4.30pm – Cavendish Square Gardens: Code Red For Fossil Fuel Fashion
Wed 25th Aug 10am – Brazilian Embassy: Global Day Of Action for Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon Rainforest
Wed 25th Aug 11.30am – Piccadilly Circus: Courage Calls To Courage an Women and FINT Action
Fri 27th Aug 12pm – Bank of England: Blood Money March presented by Decolonise the Economy
Sat 28th Aug 12.30pm – Smithfield Market: Animal Rights March led by Animal Rebellion
Sat 28th Aug 12pm – Brixton Market: Global Majority-Led Crises Rally
Sun 29th Aug 11.30am – Ducketts Common: Carnival for Climate Justice! – Inviting our Global Majority brothers and sisters.
Bank Holiday Sun & Mon 29-30th Aug – West London: Imagine The Impossible – Join XR Scientists, Families, Doctors, communities groups and wonderful speakers for crisis talks, to create a better world and IMAGINE THE IMPOSSIBLE.
Mon 30th – Fri 3rd: REBELLION CONTINUES  – Occupations continue, High Impact Actions building pressure across the week to a finale, Digital Rebellion, and Hubs continue!
4th Sept: Nature Rebellion March organised by our sister movements and After Party!
Expect more details and actions to be added very soon and others to be a surprise!

(Feature Image credit from @ExtinctionR on twitter)