January 2, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

        Prisons, the not too subtle procedure of the state to protect the wealth and privileges of the rich and powerful. Hellholes of brutality, injustice, overcrowding slave labour and inadequate medical facilities. We have them in every country from so called democracies to dictatorships, it makes no difference, the state, no matter what shape or style, will have its array of prisons, backed up by a loaded, in favour of the powerful, judicial system and a brutal police force.


         A civilised society can’t exist as long as we have the prison system, the two are incompatible. Prison are a barbaric way of keeping the status-quo, they have nothing to do with protecting the public, communities are well able to look after themselves in the interests of the community. In the vast majority of “crimes” the root cause in inequality and injustice, the very things that the prisons are their to perpetuate by keeping society structured the way its and to suit the rich and powerful.

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