February 10, 2020
From No Fixed Abode Anti-Fascists (UK)

The unused police station was officially opened by squatters and activists on a busy Friday night as part of a week-long action by the Green Anticapitalist Front (GAF)

Best known for high security detention where terror suspects were held and questioned, the station was subsequently decommissioned in 2018. Current plans are to knock it down and build another police station in its place. or Luxury Flats (F.O.I request of the building can be found here www.tinyurl.com/wjxujaw ).

The building has sixteen floors, twenty “normal” cells and over thirty cells for terror suspects, each twelve-by-twelve. There is a shooting range, two gyms, car-park, kitchens and eating areas, and much more to be utilised. Suspects and prisoners held here include members of the IRA, British nationals released from Guantanamo Bay, and the London 2005 bombers.

After one night squatting the building, the occupiers were woken by police, who tried to break down a door, but were stopped in their tracks by ironically police strength doors. The police’s claim that the building was residential and still in use was evidently false, and the police had no choice but to hold face for over three hours as another entrance was used. The cops ended up leaving, only stationing one car outside the squat, which has now gone.

Check out Green Anticapitalist Front’s Week of Action starting 28th February.

Source: Nfaaf.wordpress.com