October 2, 2021
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

So the fallout of the horrific murder of Sarah Everard continues to engulf the cops as they flounder around to explain how a serving police offer – who had raised warning flags with colleagues and was nicknamed ‘The Rapist’ was left free to hunt, abduct and murder a woman. So while the cops didn’t bother to look too hard for a rapist-murder within their own ranks – they did break-up a vigil for the murdered woman.

The cops are on the back foot here, issuing frankly laughable advice of ‘flagging down buses’ or ‘learning a bit about the legal process’

So that was bad, then dropped another bombshell against the cops – The verdict in the ‘Spy Cops’ trial.

The Tribunal has identified a “formidable list” of breaches by the Metropolitan Police of fundamental human rights that invaded the bodily integrity, privacy and political activities of women who were the subject of undercover police surveillance without lawful justification in a democratic society, thereby revealing “disturbing and lamentable failings at the most fundamental levels”.

The claimant’s political activities and personal life were subject to covert surveillance by at least five undercover officers over a period of more than ten years, and she was deceived into a sexual relationship by the undercover officer Mark Kennedy – who she knew as Mark Stone – between November 2003 and February 2005. The Tribunal also heard uncontested evidence that undercover officers deceived many other women into sexual relationships while infiltrating their political activities during the period in issue.

Basically the state funded deception of women into sexual relationship with the aim of illegally surveilling them as they took part in legal expressions of fundamental rights.

The police are violating the fundamental rights of citizens in the name of ‘protecting‘ citizens from nebulous ‘dangers’ which turn out to be their own officers.

Take this example of a copper who was using a spy camera to film up the skits of kids – he was allows to return to work. FFS.

Remember, we’ve already had a bombshell report on the policing of protests that notes how witnesses report being beaten up by the cops;

Yes, you read that right – the police attacked protestors in ways that may have amounted to criminal offences against the person! So who’s going to arrest the cops for this?

The cops can’t police each other, they can’t be trusted to police us. Again and again;

A review of 18 police forces in England and Wales revealed that, in 76 cases of sexual misconduct, almost 20% involved officers abusing their powers to elicit sex from vulnerable members of the public. The analysis covered the years between 2017 and 2020.

The Police can’t police the police, never mind the country. It seems most of the accumulation of police power is to help the police accumulate power.

PS. If you’re wondering why we’re not seeing louder calls for the resignation of Met boss Cressida Dick – a reminder, she did didn’t decide to investigate allegations of electoral fraud of Vote Leave.

Source: Alternativebristol.com