August 28, 2021
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

This powerful article exposes the degree to which the powerful close ranks to protect systems of power enforcement when there is a perceived threat to power;

A letter in support of the police, during the Kill the Bill protests, purportedly by the ‘City Leaders’ group was organised by Bristol City Council’s City Office, a freedom of information request has revealed. The letter was distributed by the PR company Social Communications, seemingly so it would not be seen to be coming from the council.

In the letter, the signatories expressed support for the police, criticised the protestors, and ended with the council’s hashtag #WeAreBristol, and the mayor’s Obama-esque City of Hope: “As a city of hope, we continue to move forward as a city together, because #WeAreBristol.”

Add to this the multiple, credible evidence that the cops were dishing out the hurt to protestors in ‘revenge policing’ against those who had the timerity to act in self-defence;

Combined with the fact that the very serious charges against the protestors can only be brought if the person at the top of the CPS is good with that. This means the state itself is going after the protestors in a targeted way;

Gus Silverman, a Bristol-based civil liberties lawyer at Irwin Mitchell, told the Cable: “Riot is one of the most serious public order offences and carries with it significant sentencing powers. In contrast with less serious offences such as violent disorder or affray, a charge of riot requires the prosecution to prove that a group of at least 12 people acted for ‘a common purpose’, which makes it harder to prove.”

“The fact that a charge of riot can only be brought with the consent of the Director of Public Prosecutions (the head of the CPS) underlines its seriousness.”

Which might explain why this banner drop was done: