May 27, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

         In the light of the revelations by Dominic Cummings, erstwhile chief advisor to our Prime Minister, Bumbling Boris Johnson, on the state of governance during this pandemic, I thought it relevant to re-post an article I wrote back at the beginning of the year. Hearing Mr. Cummings state openly that Boris Johnson was not fit to be Prime Minister, that he resembled a supermarket trolley, not knowing which way to go, veering this way then that way, changing his mind 10 times a day, then contradicting himself in a media briefing. Matt Hancock, our Health Secretary should have be fired on numerous occasions, are really frightening statements. These are the people that shape our lives, but Mr Cummings is revealing no more that most of us with a grain of sense and observation skills were well aware of for some considerable time. The real crime here is the thousands of people who died unnecessarily, our friends, loved ones, family and neighbours. This cannot be ignored, there must be a reckoning and soon.

  Lest We Forget.Thursday 21st. January 2021.

            As the vaccine is rolled out, slower than their “target”, and the lockdown dampens the spread of this pandemic, we should not forget the total ineptitude and blundering approach of the bumbling Boris brigade. We here in the UK have the fifth highest death rate in the world from the pandemic, we are not the fifth largest country in the world, We have the highest death rate per-capita in the world, this is no unavoidable accident. These results reflect the the way this pandemic was handled in this country and we should be getting prepared to hold to account those responsible for the extremely high death rate this country has suffered, one of the richest countries in the world.
           They can’t claim they didn’t know what was coming, other countries were ahead of us in this pandemic but managed it much more efficiently and humanely. Our Brexit buccaneers ignored warnings, ignored mounting evidence of what was staring them in the face. There focus was always on the “economy”, billions of pounds being thrown at large corporations, opening up the economy to get tills ringing again, in favour of their rich and greedy buddies.
          Their actions make them culpable in the mass deaths of thousands of our friends, family and loved ones, they must be held to account. There must be no hurrah and galloping back to “normal”, if and when we get on top of this pandemic. There must be a call for justice for those thousands who died because of the gross ineptitude of bumbling Boris and his Brexit buccaneers. We should never forget the past year or so, and its vast avoidable number of deaths, and we must extract justice, we owe it to those who died. 

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