The second biennial Southern Regional Organizing Assembly, hosted by the Southern Coordinating Committee of the Industrial Workers of the World, will convene in Richmond, Virginia on June 29th and 30th. IWW, General Defense Committee, and Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee members in the southeast are meeting up to host a series of panels and workshops on a variety of topics, including (but not limited to): media and communication strategies, education worker organizing, food service worker organizing, addressing toxic masculinity, and security culture.


If you’ve already registered, please submit your registration fee — $15/$30/$50, according to what you can afford. No one will be turned away for lack of funds, email us at southerniww@protonmail.com if you’re unable to pay the fee.

Want to attend but not yet registered? Go here!


Not attending but still want to help us fund the assembly? We need your help to continue to build on our mission to abolish the wage system. Pay a registration fee to sponsor a member or donate another amount of your choosing.

What is the Southern Coordinating Committee? The SCC is a voluntary coordinating and decision-making body that unites branches and locals of the IWW, General Defense Committee, and Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee in the Southeastern United States. Founded in 2017, the SCC helps to coordinate work and fosters local initiatives to organize workplaces, incarcerated workers, and our communities.

For any questions regarding the SCC, SROA, signing up, or donating, please email southerniww@protonmail.com.

Source: Wobsouth.info