December 7, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

         I am always spouting on about anarchist literature on the streets and moaning that there is not near enough. Just so that people don’t think that I just spite out these words, I did try to do my bit for a number of years. Over a period of more years than I care to remember, I produced a small free paper called “The Anarchist Critic”. I would stomp the streets of Glasgow handing it out, leave it on buses and cafes etc.. Sometimes greeted with a smile, sometimes abuse and sometimes ignored, but it was always with the thought that I was doing my small bit in getting that word “anarchist” on the streets. Sadly age and other disabilities have curtailed that activity somewhat. I still produce the odd issue to hand out at an event. The last one being issue 123 on the cop-out-26.


      At one point I tried to put them online, but again that fell by the wayside, other activities and it would have meant meant too much time at the computer and not on the street. However there are some issues on line, so if you are interested in reading those old sheets that found their way onto the streets of Glasgow, you can find them HERE.

This is the latest issue, 123, on the Cop-Out_26 Carnival of Illusions.


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