June 14, 2021
From Anarchist News

These two magical green anarchist pieces offer us ways to relate to our animated environment as powerful equals. In Tending the Body of the Goddess, we see that being stuck in grief for Nature can prevent us being a true partner to her. Freedom from grief allows us to flourish along with Nature. The second piece models a style of interaction with the undesirable thoughts that crowd our minds, whether nightmares or just civilization’s intrusions; by calling the Night Mare to us, holding her, working with her, and then freeing her, we can become free of our nightmares. Both pieces are beautifully written and quite moving. Immediatism has received strong positive feedback on these. Check out The Tamarix Project, Backwoods Journal at LittleBlackCart.com, or Oak Journal for more like them.

Tending the Body of the Goddess
Find the text in Backwoods #2, a journal of anarchy and wortcunning, and at TheTamarixProject.com

To Break the Jaw of the Night Mare: an exorcism
Find the text at OakJournal.org, a journal against civilization, or at TheTamarixProject.com

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Source: Anarchistnews.org