by: Red-Burned-Boulet

It is the dogma of the hour, “back to normal”. Who should blame people for wanting to leave the pandemic conditions with the resulting conditions behind them as quickly as possible and postulating the “back” with the concept of “normality”. This postulated “normality” is repeatedly accompanied by shocking events, whether crisis or war. But the horror of “normality” does not only lie in the fact that it is accompanied by regular extremes, no, the horror of “normality” also lies in this itself. A capitalist society without a crisis remains the crisis itself. The extremes that these Accompanying society are the brutal consequences of “normality”.

Let us imagine a “normality” in which unemployment is a foreign word from bygone times. A return to the “economic boom [1]”, to a totally “functioning normality”. An utterly terrible idea.

Without ignoring the knowledge that social participation tends to zero without wage labor and without ignoring the knowledge that poverty is a guaranteed reality without wage labor, without ignoring the terrible “normality”, this terrible “normality” in its supposed beauty is supposed to be under postulates such as “Full employment” are criticized.

Recognizing the beauty of being able to fully focus on the accumulative activity of wage labor shows total reification [2], total alienation [3] and the absolute submission of a supposedly free individual to the authority of capital. Those who find a negative answer to this, since their wage work has an alleged or actually meaningful character in it, should be told that, firstly, they are privileged and, secondly, they should ask themselves whether they would do this activity in its current form without wages continue or does the justified feeling of a false “calling” arise? Wage labor is a necessity, since every pore of the existing materializes this necessity. But this necessity only confirms submission to just that.

This submission to normality in its Fordist [4] monotony, which determines the bulk of worldwide wage labor, is the mechanical preparation of man. Finding positive terminology for this requires bourgeois, state communist or Calvinist [5] ideology. A look in the mirror on a Monday morning or into the faces of wage-dependent people on public transport is enough to show that, despite the ideologies mentioned, which are supposed to turn this routine, day-defining act into a positive one, people still feel from one possibly not assignable, but strong feeling of senselessness and “anger” is determined. The humiliation of the human being through the reality degrading him to “human capital” finds its expression here.

To transfer this state into a state of understanding of self-consciousness should be the goal of any emancipatory organization.

The equalization of the existing conditions to that state of reification and alienation is dispersion, precisely the dispersion that came to a standstill in the course of the “pandemic policy”. The consumerist diversion from the pub to shopping and vacation to the theater, this diversion, which on the one hand is supposed to make the recurring wage labor bearable and on the other hand contains Seitz the rewarding moment for the “work done”. However, anyone who falls into false “consumer criticism” here has neither understood its essence nor the inherent destructive elements of reification and alienation, precisely that wage labor, precisely that “smoothly functioning normality”. It is not the attempt to make the existing bearable that serves the indictment, no, it is and remains the existing itself!

A brief digression on class hatred is permitted here. Anyone who moves around Berlin today and passes an “organic market” that is not mentioned here is encouraged to do the following: “Be part of a better world” and then “No matter what you buy from us – you help to protect what is essential for survival is: climate, environment, fellow creatures, resources and diversity. ”This advertising slogan, bursting with classicism, blatantly spits in the face of those who are unable to sell their labor at the highest possible price with the accusation of responsibility for the climate catastrophe and social discord .

This false awareness of supposed, world-saving consumption must also be overcome in favor of a class-conscious analysis of social conditions.

It is recommended that all readers organize and learn with one another. Because only in joint action can “the right to be lazy [6]” and the time that goes with it be fought for – because as Marx rightly said: “True wealth is time”.

Put an end to the terrible normality for a life that does not require distraction, but rather includes pleasure.

Bring on the good life for everyone!

[1] “The economic miracle is a catchphrase describing the unexpectedly rapid and sustainable economic growth in the Federal Republic of Germany after the Second World War.”

[2] “the reversal of the relationship between people who work for one another who produce for one another into an objectified (reified) relationship between goods.”

[3] “Alienation describes an individual or social condition in which an originally natural relationship between humans is abolished, perverted, disturbed or destroyed.”

[4] “Fordism is based on highly standardized mass production”

[5] “Diligence and zeal for work, whereby economic prosperity in Protestant ethics is sometimes interpreted as a sign of election”

[6] “Refutation of the” right to work “of 1848”