January 4, 2022
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

Following a break over Christmas, the trial resumed today of the #Colston4 (see here for past coverage) and most of today was focused on the prosecution and the defence summing-up before the jury considers its verdict.

The prosecution’s core argument boils down to basically; the rule of law must be obeyed;

This case is not about politics or emotion but the cold rule of law

(Which some may feel that commentary is needed when the current government planned to break the law in a ‘limited and specific’ way, oh and also illegally prorogued parliament and so on, so one might note that ‘the rule of law’ argument tends to get ‘unevenly’ applied in reality?)

On the defence side of things, they were leaning into the argument about being on the right side of history, an argument used on many, many civil rights trials over the years;

The next stage in the process, is the judge summing up (which has started) and is expected to complete tomorrow, at which point the jury will retire to consider their verdict;

Source: Alternativebristol.com