August 11, 2021
From Anarchist News

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Russia: The trial of the three 15 year-old anarchists continues in Kansk [Russian language, English translation in comments]

The trial of the Kansk anarchists

Consideration of the case of the Kansk anarchists continues on a daily basis. The case is being considered by the visiting board of the 1st Eastern District Military Court in the premises of the Kansk City Court.

Recall that three 15-year-old anarchists – Nikita Uvarov, Denis Mikhailenko and Bogdan Andreev – are accused of “undergoing training in order to carry out terrorist activities”, as well as in the manufacture and storage of explosives. The persecution of the comrades began after they posted leaflets in support of political prisoners, some of which were pasted on the FSB building. Now they themselves face up to 10 years in prison.

On August 05, 2021, a representative of the prosecutor’s office began to read out the accusation. Only the accused, lawyers and legal representatives of the adolescents were admitted to the courtroom. Neither the press nor the public were allowed to attend the hearing. The mother of one of the accused, Denis Mikhailenko, could not get into the courtroom. Earlier, she was stripped of her representative status due to the fact that Denis allegedly used the Internet while under house arrest. Since then, the teenager has been held in a pre-trial detention center, and his interests are represented by an official from the state guardianship.

[machine-assisted translation]