July 25, 2021
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

So yesterday saw a small(ish) anti-vax/anti-mask/anti-whatever in Bristol that was part of a rash of such protests across the UK driven, for the most part, by Facebook’s algorithm and its desire to keep the advertiser money flowing by cashing in on what ever bullshit will keep people glued to the feed. What is interesting about the anti-vax protest movement is that they are aggressively going after anyone – nurses, doctors, passers-by, low-wage workers – anyone they deem has crossed their warped ‘moral’ threshold to make them a target for hassle and abuse. What is more, they would be very, very happy to see their ‘political’ opponents hang. They are the very definition of the tyranny they claim to oppose, and they are, ironically, helping to keep the pandemic going by their refusal to accept basic science.

Let us run through some of these points;

Here’s what one passer-by got for simply walking past the crowd with a mask on;

Absolutely pathetic protests in Bristol yesterday, being verbally abused by anti vax/maskers for just minding my own fucking business. Wearing a mask is a personal choice, you don’t know my health status. Really upsetting that the poor police monitoring could do nothing about it.

Meanwhile, in London, a struck-off ex-nurse was calling for the execution of her former colleagues for ‘reasons’;

While elsewhere, the anti-maskers harass some of the lowest paid, worse treater workers around to make themselves feel morally superior;

So how are we to make sense of this movement of antivax/anti-mask/anti-whatever? Are they noble resistance fighters again government tyranny? People duped by a heady mix of grifters and social-media algorithms? A far-right moment seeking to recruit? These are good takes on it;

Hat-tip & thanks for image used, here!

Source: Alternativebristol.com