The effects of severe climate change on our planet have been more noticeable for some time. This summer, all temperature records have been broken in many parts of the world. The planet is warming and everything leads to droughts, aridity, fires, but also to big storms, floods or unexpected snowfalls. The lives of millions of people are in danger and we have already met the first climate refugees or we are witnessing the first international conflicts over water (Turkey – Rojava or Egypt-Ethiopia).

The weather is a real sword of Damocles over our heads. We know that in a few years the situation will be irreversible.The IPCC report, which will be published in February 2022 by the United Nations, says climate change is rapid, widespread and intensifying. That is, any measure we apply we will have to apply right now or else we will be late. We are aware of the slowness of legislative changes or societal changes, so everyone senses that we will be late and that global change will be inevitable and terrible. We are seeing the tsunami wave approaching with all its uncontrollable greatness and fury and we have been paralyzed, in disbelief.

The second issue we highlight is structural as well. Our economic and life model involves a massive consumption of goods of all kinds. The global industry comes from almost everything, but has now run into serious mineral and resource supply problems. Suddenly the impossibility of continuing to produce at the pace demanded by an ever-expanding market becomes apparent. Distribution bottlenecks begin now that consumption is reactivated after the pandemic. Because of this, the great powers begin to hoard reserves. Right now there are difficulties in producing enough uranium, copper, lithium, aluminum or oil and their derivatives (microchips, plastics or fertilizers, to name a few examples).

The capitalist system is so blind, and so invalid to manage the planet, that instead of preparing for negative contingencies, it continues at the same pace. We believe the pandemic would have changed something. Now we see that no, that our society is destined to consume to the point of depletion of resources, pollution of air, oceans or even outer space… and therefore doomed to the total disaster that it materializes no less than in the sixth most important species extinction in the history of the planet! This is the great legacy of the Anthropocene.

In Catalonia we have just seen what expectations the elites have: Cruises, the Winter Olympics or the expansion of El Prat airport are some examples. For these people the growth is infinite. The territory is at the service of their desires to make money. They have on their side the hospitality sector, which we have already seen how it has acted during the pandemic, forcing governments to open premises despite the thousands of deaths on the table. Money is far above the general interest.

To sum up:

Since the pandemic, it has finally been possible to understand what the “essential jobs of society” are: those that guarantee life. Often precarious, feminized and dangerous jobs.
With the issue of climate change we see that with the capitalist system we are condemning humanity to an unprecedented catastrophe. On a scale never seen before.
With the issue of resource depletion, deforestation, soil aridity or ocean pollution, among others, we are rubbing shoulders with the physical limits of production. The neoliberal model of consumer society is already reaching its limit. Even worse, as some of these resources are key to food production.
What is the answer to all this?

First, we need more training. We have to convince too many people and we have to make sure of what we say, with data.

Second, it must be assumed that change is collective. That is, no matter how much we make individual changes, there is 1% of the population that consumes 50% of the resources. We know that without this 1% we can live perfectly. But we don’t really change anything, we just gain time. It will be useless to move the problem of the collapse of our civilization 30 years if in the end it comes the same.

Therefore, the question of degrowth is an immediate necessity. It must be applied at a multidimensional level, from administrations to people’s lives.

Now, let us be aware that there are many interests at stake so that everything continues as it is. These are the real deniers of our century. These are the utopians.

The elites are preparing: some want to flee the planet Earth and prepare for the conquest of space. Others prepare for inaccessible mansions, protected by armies. Sometimes the rich wonder why the people do not revolt more often.

There is a growth of authoritarianism around the world, which is happening in ecofascism. This new version of fascism will recognize the reality of crisis, but then say that there is only room for a small percentage of elected officials, while the social majority will suffer the consequences. It is the worst of dystopias.

From an economist point of view, an immediate industrial relocation is needed, although the subsequent problem will be to get raw materials. We live in a society so dependent on fossil fuels that the conflict between Morocco and Algeria can lead to an economic disaster for Spain. In a world of Business As Usual , short-term profits are facing strategic needs, even within the state logic, as we have seen with the large Spanish electricity companies this summer.

Still, there is a different way out.

The exit is collective . In addition there is a great urgency that becomes more evident every year: either we react now or we will have serious problems. Everything points to the fact that the exit requires a great social transformation. That is, it is revolutionary .

We therefore call on everyone to get organized . All current social organizations with a vision of social transformation must multiply their affiliation and militancy. No effective changes can be made without an organized people . We call for nurturing them and extending their influence. We call on the military to make them effective and ambitious. Organizations need to be big enough and have enough militancy to start struggles. We call for overcoming the defeatism and paralysis of the great ‘shock’ we suffer.

Now more than ever, the solution is the people: strong, organized, aware, resilient, supportive and combative.

An existential crisis arrives and there are only two paths: Socialism or Barbarism .

We take sides. Militancy is a collective need and, increasingly, a historical duty.

Source: Awsm.nz