May 22, 2021
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

Assuming you read this article on the 22nd May, then there’s probably time to get down to the march and show your support for the people of Palestine. This is the info doing the rounds on social media;

Assemble 2pm Shah Jalal Mosque
468-70 Stapleton Road
Under M32 underpass to IKEA and Tesco etc
March to College Green
Arriving approx. 3.30

So while there is a sort-of ceasefire in effect, when one side is a nuclear-armed nation and the other is a people under occupation, there can never be peace for the occupied. There can never also be peace for the occupiers either, as the very act brutalizes those involved. We must also not forget the death toll in the violence, where again Palestinian kids are the ones dying.

The last march on the 15th saw a pretty big turn out:

Image credit here.