January 9, 2021
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

Yes indeed; there is no conspiracy to overplay COVID-19 because it is real, it is killing people. If anything, the real conspiracy is how the right-wing media is covering up how badly the government has messed it all up. Let us start with the reality of COVID-19. The rapid rise of the new strain combined with lacklustre omnishambles of a government response and a failed track-and-trace system has left us one of the worst hit counties in the world right now. So much so that London has declared a medical emergency. This is a good summary of where we are:

Bristol’s numbers are also rising and in some areas, those numbers are getting pretty scary;

But is this not like flu? Is this not just another flu season? OK let’s look at the numbers together and see:

Yeah but ok, you may think, the numbers are bad but so is everywhere – the UK is suffering and so is the world? Not really. Here’s a natural experiment – one island with COVID-19, two different Governments trying to respond and look at the case-rate difference. It’s shocking:

What’s more and is unsurprising is that there is common cause and links between the COVID deniers, climate deniers and extreme Brexiteers. Basically once you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole once, you are more likely to fall down more such holes;

It was a good question, because it is increasingly clear that the UK is facing not just a pandemic of deadly disease but also one of disinformation – and the impacts of the latter pandemic are exacerbating those of the former. What’s more, it’s impossible to escape the conclusion that there is very strong correlation between the so-called ‘covidiots’ pushing anti-scientific claims about the virus and the people who have been pushing disinformation about Brexit for the past five years.

So many of the same media voices that were amplified by Brexit, enabled to peddle disinformation on Brexit are now doing the same thing on COVID. The right wing media in the UK are literally getting people killed now.

What we need people, is this:

Source: Alternativebristol.com