December 10, 2020
From Act For Freedom

Extract of the actions claim translated from Greek to English by Act for freedom now!


Thessaloniki – Taking responsibility

For every hour of work erased in the bosses’ world, for every workmate’s life lost to fill the pockets of terrorists we take responsibility for the arson of a van of the courier company ACS in Thessaloniki in 46 Olympiados Street in the early hours of Tuesday 13th of October.

We send our solidarity to those who fight daily against the State and the bosses.
From schools and neighbourhoods to workplaces the only way to win is to organize on the basis of social and class counterattack.
To crush the employers and their minions
Terrorism is wage slavery, no peace with the State and bosses.
PS: Our attack is another contribution to the collective formation of an aggressive bulwark against State repression and a message of solidarity to the comrades of the Terra Incognita squat, answering the call for a month of multi-formed aggressive solidarity with squats. We are right and that is enough to win morally, politically, historically.

Class Solidarity Wild Strike Front-Cell