February 26, 2021
From Act For Freedom

Resistance and no compromise aren’t dead words, it’s the struggle for life and freedom

Once again, the revolutionary Dimitris Koufontinas is targeted by the vengeful mania of the Right. More than 18 years of imprisonment are not enough, deprivation of legally approved permits and any beneficial legislation to which he is entitled is not enough. New Democracy puts salt on its historical wounds this time, proceeding to his abduction from the rural prison of Kassavetia and transfer to a closed detention centre. But even the laws are not enough to satisfy the Right’s thirst for revenge and punishment. Koufontinas, instead of being transferred to Korydallos, where he is officially appointed, is transferred to the Domokos prison hell.

In the face of another blow, Dimitris’ consistency in the struggle and resistance shows only one way: another hunger strike (from January 8) against the regime of exclusion and isolation. He is demanding his immediate return to the underground prison wing of Korydallos. Political prisoners V. Stathopoulos, P. Georgiadis, N. Maziotis and G. Dimitrakis, who all went on hunger strike, also stood in solidarity with the hunger striker.
“This is an attempt to crush a person, not for what he is, but for what he signifies by refusing to succumb to the unbearable pressures exerted on him by the system, as representatives of the family and the Embassy’s favorite were persistently demanding recently in parliament. After all the overt and cynical revelations in the war against me, hunger strike is now a matter of personal coherence and individual dignity.”
Dozens of photographic legislations, law extensions, special conditions of detention and punishment have been applied to Dimitris Koufontinas all these years. The white cells that were first built for the prisoners of the revolutionary organization November 17, the rushed terror-trials and the courts inside the prisons, the dozens of life sentences, the deprivation of all beneficial prisoner rights, the vengeful transfers, the deprivation of permissions and now the voting of a new legislation to deprive him of the right to stay in open rural prisons. Even through the prison bars, the Right submitted its credentials to the services of foreign diplomats, silencing Koufontina’s speech when they announced the lock-out of Nomiki(law school) to ban the event about the issue of prison permissions, as well as the warning sanctions concerning that prison in case he was allowed to speak.
In the person of Dimitris Koufontinas, the government sees the struggles that have been waged for decades now against oppression and exploitation. They see the belief in the justice of social liberation. They see everything he proudly accomplished and defended against the repression, the confinement, the hundreds of years of imprisonment in the terror courts. Everything he defends still today, without a trace of repentance. The goal is one and only for the government: to
extract statements of repentance and denial of the armed struggle against exploitation.
The mass media are burying the murder attempt against the comrade.
On the afternoon of February 9 (33rd day of the strike) we carried out a counter-information intervention with slogans and pamphlets at the building of the Union of Editors of Daily Newspapers of Macedonia-Thrace in view of the nationwide day of action. Silence is complicity in the attempted murder of our comrade. Revolutionaries like Dimitris Koufontinas never asked for anything. They won it with fights, many times bloody. That is why it is our duty to defend together, actively and uncompromisingly, what has been won over so many years. Against authority, nothing is self-evident and nothing is given.

Solidarity and respect to the revolutionary Dimitris Koufontinas

Victory to the hunger strike against his vengeful transfer to the Domokos prison-hell

via:Terra incognita translated by Act for freedom now!

Source: Actforfree.nostate.net