November 3, 2020
From Philly Anti-Capitalist (USA)

from It’s Going Down

AntiFash Gordon has identified Thomas Louden, a volunteer firefighter and director of managed care at Jefferson Health in Philadelphia. He also serves as Batallion Chief of the Sellersville Fire Department and Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator of Hilltown Township, Pennsylvania. This summer, Louden posted about looking to join a militia and hinted that the right should be prepared to violently defend itself from socialists. By September he was head of the Bucks County Civillian Defense Force Militia, posting about recruiting a sniper. Since then, his violent rhetoric has only escalated and he frequently encourages armed responses to leftist activity. Louden is heavily armed, trains multiple times a week, and should be considered a danger to the community. See the full thread below:

from Twitter

thread#showTweet” data-screenname=”AntiFashGordon” data-tweet=”1323298972581175298″ readability=”40.2″>Meet Thomas J. Louden of Pekasie, PA.

He’s a volunteer firefighter and Director of Managed Care at @TJUHospital in Philadelphia.

But as “Fireeagle,” he’s the head of the Bucks County Civilian Defense Force militia, and spreads violent, racist, and antisemtic conspiracies. ImageImageImageImage

thread#showTweet” data-screenname=”AntiFashGordon” data-tweet=”1323298978147012608″ readability=”33.899441340782″>He’s also the Battalion Chief of the @SellersvilleFd and the Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator of Hilltown Township, Pennsylvania.

You can email them at Image

thread#showTweet” data-screenname=”AntiFashGordon” data-tweet=”1323298985432522753″ readability=”37″>He’s also becoming increasingly radicalized in response to the upcoming election.

On June 30 of this year, he started looking for a militia to join, and hinting that he wants to kill anti-racist protesters. ImageImage

thread#showTweet” data-screenname=”AntiFashGordon” data-tweet=”1323298993665953792″ readability=”38″>By August 28, he was openly calling for the murder of Black Lives Matter activists.

By September, he was talking about “cannon fodder” and “those behind the scenes” who “really need to be stopped,” and invoking the antisemitic “Soros” conspiracy theory. ImageImageImage

thread#showTweet” data-screenname=”AntiFashGordon” data-tweet=”1323299001878433794″ readability=”36″>And simultaneously, he became the head of a newly formed unit of the Civilian Defense Force, a far-right militia, where he goes by “Commander Fireeagle.” ImageImage
thread#showTweet” data-screenname=”AntiFashGordon” data-tweet=”1323299008148885505″ readability=”33″>And just days later, he began attempting to recruit a sniper for his militia. Image
thread#showTweet” data-screenname=”AntiFashGordon” data-tweet=”1323299013165305856″ readability=”35″>This was right around when he stopped using his real name on the militia forum he joined.

Btw, those links are live and resolve to the profile of “Fireeagle.” Image

thread#showTweet” data-screenname=”AntiFashGordon” data-tweet=”1323299020769546246″ readability=”34″>In June, he was trying to convince the other members of his militia forum that an armed response was needed to a satirical announcement of an antifa-sponsored flag burning. ImageImage
thread#showTweet” data-screenname=”AntiFashGordon” data-tweet=”1323299027392335877″ readability=”34″>He’s also increasingly active on the Civilian Defense Force forums, where he’s adding contacts at an alarming rate. ImageImage
thread#showTweet” data-screenname=”AntiFashGordon” data-tweet=”1323299032605798400″ readability=”35″>He’s been training to act on his violent fantasies, too.

He claims to be “hitting the range 4 times a week and flying at least 100 rounds each session.” Image

thread#showTweet” data-screenname=”AntiFashGordon” data-tweet=”1323299040688246786″ readability=”38″>And he’s well-stocked on guns, too.

He claims to concealed carry a Sig Sauer P320x, and keeps a Beretta 92F at the ready. He also owns an Armalite AR, but doesn’t specify which kind. (Pictured is an Armalite AR-10.) ImageImageImageImage

thread#showTweet” data-screenname=”AntiFashGordon” data-tweet=”1323299045805379584″ readability=”40″>So how’d we find his real identity?

On the Civilian Defense Force forums, he notes that he’s in Bucks County, PA, and that he’s a volunteer firefighter. And the Deputy EMC for his township.

But that still doesn’t tell us *which* town he lives in. Image

thread#showTweet” data-screenname=”AntiFashGordon” data-tweet=”1323299045805379584″ readability=”47.04163126593″>

thread#showTweet” data-screenname=”AntiFashGordon” data-tweet=”1323299051866042370″ readability=”36″>A quick Google search of “fireeagle” and “Pennsylvania” brought me to a Corvette stingray forum, where a user with that screen name (who also claimed to be a volunteer firefighter) posted a picture with a house number visible, but no town. Image
thread#showTweet” data-screenname=”AntiFashGordon” data-tweet=”1323299058207907841″ readability=”33″>On the same forum, a picture of his car won the December 2019 photo contest.

Do you see what I saw? Image

thread#showTweet” data-screenname=”AntiFashGordon” data-tweet=”1323299063991861249″ readability=”37″>Hacker voice: Computer, enhance.

We see a sign for a cross street. The top sign is illegible, but the bottom reads “VICTORIA LN.” Image

thread#showTweet” data-screenname=”AntiFashGordon” data-tweet=”1323299065883406336″ readability=”38″>So I went to the Bucks County property records site, to see exactly how many Victoria Lanes there were in the district.

Three towns have a Victoria Lane– Chalfont, Levittown, and Perkasie.

thread#showTweet” data-screenname=”AntiFashGordon” data-tweet=”1323299067452182532″ readability=”36″>A quick look on showed me the Victoria Lanes, so I checked for any intersecting streets that have the same number referenced in the photo from tweet 13 in this thread.

(I can’t give it out on Twitter– that’s a violation of Twitter’s policies.)

thread#showTweet” data-screenname=”AntiFashGordon” data-tweet=”1323299073395433473″ readability=”37″>I compared the photo he posted with the Google Street View image of the house matching that number.


Same garage, outdoor lighting, porch pillars, and bush. ImageImage

So then I checked the property records and saw that it’s owned by a Thomas J. Louden of Pekasie, Pennsylvania, and his wife.

thread#showTweet” data-screenname=”AntiFashGordon” data-tweet=”1323299080785829888″ readability=”40″>On his militia forum, “Fireeagle” gives his location as Hilltown Township, PA, just five miles from Perkasie, PA.

(The latitude/longitude is not his home, just the location of the town center.) Image

thread#showTweet” data-screenname=”AntiFashGordon” data-tweet=”1323299085378617345″ readability=”33″>And remember, he introduced himself as the “Deputy EMC for my township for over 15 years.” Image
thread#showTweet” data-screenname=”AntiFashGordon” data-tweet=”1323299090814455808″ readability=”35″>On his LinkedIn profile, he kindly lists that he’s the Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator for Hilltown Township, PA. ImageImage
thread#showTweet” data-screenname=”AntiFashGordon” data-tweet=”1323299095495278595″ readability=”35.349442379182″>Anyway, @TJUHospital, your Director of Managed Care, Thomas Louden, is leading a far-right militia chapter and spreading rumors about “ANTIFA” who had been “trained by radical Islam” who planned on “killing as many Trump supporters and whites as possible!!” Image
thread#showTweet” data-screenname=”AntiFashGordon” data-tweet=”1323299097344905217″ readability=”33.183856502242″>Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised that @TJUHospital has the leader of a far-right militia working as their Director of Managed Care, given that they tried to deport one of their own patients, as @aurabogado reported in June.

thread#showTweet” data-screenname=”AntiFashGordon” data-tweet=”1323299099303698439″ readability=”35.069565217391″>So @TJUHospital, think about whether or not you want to have a heavily armed wingnut like Thomas J. Louden, aka “Commander Fireeagle” of the Citizens Defense Force in your offices, as he’s recruiting snipers for his militia.