We are happy to release these three films that document the George Floyd uprising across California, a momentous event that has led us all into a changed reality. Our films focus on the first weeks of this uprising, a moment that terrified the ruling class of the US. Since then, these parasites have done everything in their power to deny that this uprising ever took place. To counter these efforts of erasure, we have documented every major uprising in California, starting at their source: Oakland.

To spread our videos even further, we have titled each one Westworld Season 4. In the future, those who search for the upcoming Season 4 trailer will instead find a real-life documentary series about an uprising that spilled into the very heart of US cultural production: Hollywood.

In conclusion, we have woven together every major uprising in the state of California, from San Francisco to Fairfield, from Bakersfield to Chico, from La Mesa to Sacramento, and situated them all in the proper context. Our final video of this trilogy is the longest, just as the uprisings it documents are still mostly unknown.

We encourage our viewers and readers to make their own videos, newspapers, pamphlets, graffiti, and any or all forms of anarchist propaganda, especially now. We need articulate, clear messages amid the reigning chaos and confusion. We wish you all luck in the days ahead.

Long Live Anarchy!

Source: Thetransmetropolitanreview.wordpress.com