April 1, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

         For many many years anarchists have been saying “We told you so”. The party political system is on a circle as the one group of parties keep moving right and the other group of parties keep moving left, they eventually meet and surprise, surprise, as far as the lives of the ordinary people are concerned, their is no real difference between the two, authoritarian communism or Fascism. Bumbling Boris, the dangerous buffoon, proves this by surrounding himself and his right-wing cronies with members of the revolutionary communist network. The supposedly revolutionaries are now part and parcel of the Gove/Redwood/Rees-Mogg brigade. Of course it isn’t difficult for them to mix, they are both a bunch of authoritarians, and we anarchists will say it again, “We told you so”
       The following article, though not knew, gives a good insight to the shenanigans of the dance macabre of the right-wing political parties and the left-wing political parties. Thanks Stevie for the link.


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