December 24, 2020
From Extinction Rebellion (UK)

Tom pleaded not guilty after being arrested during the April Rebellion and charged with a section 14 offence. He was tried at City of London Magistrates’ Court in January 2020.

“Last October, I woke up one fine morning, switched on the radio, and heard that we had 12 years left. I had led a carefree life up until then, but the idea of being carefree was no longer a thing. I suddenly had images of my children’s generation being one that will witness the end of the world. I spent the week wondering why no one was discussing this on the news or in the newspapers.

Then I found myself at Parliament Square with like-minded people, and I found some community and fellowship there, and then I found myself on the bridges.

I have never been an activist and I’d usually just stay on the sidelines, but when the swarm happened, I swarmed as well, and I have never felt more right, in my life.

Our parents generation feared enemy action. Our children’s generation fear inaction. And the actions that we have taken this year have been more vital than anything.”