November 14, 2020
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

Updated! You can see how the Bristol COVID-19 rise was coming – on 5th Nov there were a rolling 7-day average of 267.86 cases per day, by 9th Nov that had risen to 271.43 cases per day, which is not good. Stay safe! On the Tory Cummings story, the fallout continues, with many questioning the myth that Cummings built around himself;

As he was caught breaking the Coronavirus lockdown in the Spring, Cummings saw fit to amend a historic blog around the same time, inserting a new mention of the Coronavirus, as if retrofitting his prescience. It was a scam: the wool being pulled over the eyes of the public and political commentators, in the name of ineluctable science, but with the opportunistic motive to deceive.

Remember it was the defence of Cummings’ breaking of lockdown that many saw as leading to the fracturing of that same national lockdown, where Boris was willing to throw the country under the bus to keep Cummings and yet the last straw? Insults to his partner. We also wish to note how Cummings’ Vote Leave campaign weaponized immigration to win, yet it is two immigrants, working together, who are on the cusp of giving us a vaccine for the pandemic, while all Cummings leaves in his wake is a fall of bitter ash;

Original Article: One of the unshocking things is that the Tories are back to in-fighting. Again. Infighting in the Tory party is arguably responsible for much of the catastrophic clusterfuck we find ourselves in now. Why? The Brexit vote was offered by Cameron to try and quiet pro-anti-EU infighting in his party and head off UKIP on the right. That delivered the disputed 2015 Brexit vote and the mess and chaos that followed and still follows. COVID-19? Well there was a 2015 pandemic preparedness exercise that was done and the recommendations that followed were not implemented, swallowed up as Brexit ate much of the governmental capacity. Then when a predicted pandemic hit, leadership was all the Vote Leave gang, a mix of grifters and extremists chosen for loyalty and not talent and the virus exploited that very real lack of governing talent to make us a basket case in global eyes of competent responses.

So yeah really unshocking that here is where we are; the Tory party indulging in a fun game of political ‘murder in the dark’ where the losers get to go into the private/think-tank sector and get paid to opine how poorly they were treated boo hoo. The winners get to continue to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic mess they’ve created.

And us, the ordinary people of the city, the region, the UK? We get this;

As many as 32 areas of Bristol have some of the highest rates of coronavirus infection being recorded across the country in the week we went into the second covid-19 lockdown. And two areas of the city are among only a handful of areas in Britain where the rates of coronavirus are higher than 700 cases people for every 100,000, new figures have revealed. Bristol as whole has a case rate per 100,000 of 427.7 – the highest in the south of England and higher than Manchester (415.3) and Liverpool (265.0), which both went into Tier 3 lockdowns before the new national lockdown was introduced.

Let them eat cake, our glorious leaders say while they play power-politics, let them eat cake.