August 16, 2021
From Anarchist News

I'm not like other anti-vaxxers

We are, then, in a power that has taken control of both the body and life or that has, if you like, taken control of life in general – with the body as one pole and the population as the other. – Michel Foucault

For many in the West’s metropoles, a net is closing around the less-than-vaccinated. Not only are such conveniences as bars and restaurants now often behind the barrier of a vaccine card, increasingly even those working remotely are required to show proof of vaccination. Where this concentration of control will go is uncertain, there are certainly not-totally-coocoo-crazy visions of vaccine passports and unvaccinated fines but, these systems move slowly and in another year perhaps the seemingly unstoppable nature of Covid will have eroded enough vaccine-trust that this won’t be an issue.

Some, however, are not waiting for that erosion of trust to happen on its own. As stated in a reportback posted to anews, some anarchists attacked a Covid vaccination center in France and claimed

I want to fight against this capacity of the techno-industrial world to sacrifice everything to continue to exist. Also because I would like “us” to accept being sick, and even mortal, even if it goes without saying that I deplore many of the deaths of the Covid.

Through this framing they aimed not only to draw attention to something like general social control, but also to the very human sized and intimate nature of control and submission involved in Covid vaccination.

And so I’m interested in how anarchists are dealing with and fighting against the social control that is Covid vaccination. How are you avoiding it, attacking it? Are you receiving falsified vaccination cards? Running clandestine bookfairs which allow the unvaccinated? How are you distinguishing yourself from far-right anti-vaxxers? Is that even necessary? Are there any reasonable critiques, anarchist or otherwise, of mRNA vaccines on a biological level? How, as Anarchists, do we push action and critique of social and biological control beyond the kooks and conspiracy theorists? Or do we perhaps simply join them?

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Watching USA anarchists unite with liberals in support of mandatory vaccination has been sad. While most of the world have already seen Covid used as a pretext for an extreme furthering of authoritarianism the USA anarchists just have very little or no skepticism. It’s quite frightening.

You have the emergence of what I call the ‘Philip K Dick in the ass’ society and science believing anarchists are just allowing it to happen without if fight.