June 28, 2021
From Anarchist News


Chaos works in mysterious, inscrutable ways . . .

Before thir eyes in sudden view appear
The secrets of the hoarie deep, a dark
Illimitable Ocean without bound,
Without dimension, where length, breadth, highth,
And time and place are lost; where eldest Night
And Chaos, Ancestors of Nature, hold
Eternal Anarchie, amidst the noise
Of endless Warrs, and by confusion stand.

John Moore, quoting “Paradise Lost” in “Anarchy and Ecstasy”.
How else to describe experiencing the sublime other than being submerged in bewilderness?

Anarchy appears amidst ecstatic visions, beckoning to be worshiped…
. . . a Devotional Anarchism gathering in wilderness under the full moon to carry out its rites.
. . . a Praying Anarchy of inward retreat.

In tension with an Aspirational Anarchism which sees Anarchy as a goal and an unreachable destination, a beautiful idea; a world-weary Nihilist Animism . . .
. . . that mourns the loss of a spirituality inextricable from genocided indigenous lifeways rooted in the land.
. . . that dreams of an impossible practice it cannot participate in, carried out by free actors who live without fear and speak words beyond comprehension.

What distinguishes practices grounded in the daily experiences of the real mysteries of nature, deeply attuned to the environment and the greater enveloping mysteries from beyond, from countless forms of madness and civilization? How do anarchists engage with the pandemonium of magic, superstition, hyperstition, cults, secret societies…

What can we say about Anarchism & the Occult and the Occult features of Anarchism?

⸸ This Topic of the Week concludes the Theme of Three Weeks: Religion.

Source: Anarchistnews.org