August 29, 2021
From Anarchist News

I’m reading the new Ron Sakolsky book, Dreams of Anarchy and the Anarchy of Dreams, on the similarities and overlaps of surrealism and anarchist thought, which is obviously a relationship he’s thought about for many years. He doesn’t argue that all surrealists are anarchists, or that all anarchists are surrealists, but that there is a venn diagram, and that the overlap is where the yummiest stuff is.

There are plenty who feel that buddhism enriches their anarchism, or that anarchism tastes better with their buddhism. (Pushing this a little further, probably to no good effect, one could argue that environmentalism, race, class, etc are separate but congruous streams that flow with anarchist thought more than they mingle together, but that’s probably a less interesting conversation.)

On the opposition side, I know I have been motivated against certain ideas or sets of ideas because they are common among groups of people who I strongly disagree with and/or don’t want to associate with. Marxists are the easiest example off the top of my head, but I’m probably also pondering the good rumoer article last week about not trusting the state but also not allowing ourselves to just have knee jerk reactions to any group that might include a few conservative/homophobic/reactionaries…

So, this week’s question is about what is your favorite team up? What is the peanut butter (or coconut or coffee beans) that goes with the chocolate of your anarchy?

And/or, what is the opposition that most feeds your anarchist thought? If your dad says he likes something that you liked, does that make you re-think your fondness? If you read it in an IGD article, do you change your mind about it being a good idea? Or, if it’s colored Inhabit orange, do you find yourself veering away?