February 1, 2021
From Anarchist News

When I use youtube.com, I use different browser containers, based on what I’m looking for. One container is for news, and serious content, and I do my best (given that I’m ambivalent about news anyway) to find a variety of sources, including mainstream, international, etc. I actively stay away from progressive sources, since those tend to be the assumptions I already make. I mostly don’t use the suggested viewing options provided by Their algorithms, but of course that is a lost cause, most likely.

As we live through the burgeoning effects of niche markets (given interesting background in Century of the Self series by Adam Curtis), which come to mediate and influence our perspectives more and more, what do you do to avoid your own media bubble, echo chamber, etc? Or is the best we can do to move between echo chambers, to be the floating irritants migrating from one self-satisfied system to another, resting when we find one that seems to fit ok, and then moving on from boredom or irritation or for fun?

And along that line, what is the difference between a home, and a silo?

Source: Anarchistnews.org