May 15, 2022
From Anarchist News

The crumbling ruins of anarchism-in-general;
a tower of failures, all those who have fallen, stacked up like stones in a pile…

Borrowing lingo from engineering and using it metaphorically:
What are well-known ways in which anarchists fail according to their own criteria?

Fracture: When cracks appear

Yielding: When a body gives way to pressure

Insufficient Stiffness (Deflection): When flexibility causes failure

Buckling: When a loss of stability creates big damages

Fatigue: When time causes a loss of strength

Creep: When a body deforms over time

Add to that: Failure to launch, failure to detonate, catastrophic failure, derailing, stalling, crashing and burning, and many more.

What are the known stresses and potential failure mechanisms? What have we learned from all typical failure modes? How are they taken, or not, into account? Let’s rank them by how interesting, meaningful or pointless, fun or boring, safe or dangerous, rare or commonplace they are. What types would you like to see more, or less of? Can you propose fail-safes or even new ways of failing? How do you dance in the ruins of anarchism?

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I think this is a great metaphor to consider what goes wrong with our plans… but am not entirely sure how to work it…

There have been multiple groups that were… fractured? by people saying that the set up of the group was already broken or fucked up–usually around identity politics lines. Was the fracture in the set up of the group? or in the political jockeying that happened as people tried to negotiate their positions in the group? or both?

This totw is wildly ambitious! I look forward to other people’s clarity.