January 23, 2022
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evacuation of Orleans Parish Prison after hurricane Katrina

Imagine tomorrow all prisons decide to let everyone out, and after they’re empty, they’re imploded.

What would happen next?

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If this imagined tomorrow was just the same world as today except for some unknown reason they / the powers that be decided to abolish prisons, free every prisoner and then blow up the prisons then things would probably be pretty crazy and like every other major initiative managed by the state, like recent stuff such as withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, it would most likely be a chaotic, violent disaster.

so is prison abolition to be relegated to realm of asymptotic reform, infinitesimally eroding prison, policing and the whole prison industrial complex until the right institutions to substitute them and process these individuals in an optimal and orderly manner come about?

imagine this: every year, 2 prisoners are pardoned, and two found guilty are pardoned, and abolitionist NGOs have to take care of their “rehabilitation” (many abolitionists hold these pretenses) and reintegration into society and the community. after a few years of practice and learning and development and progress, then maybe the number can be increment to 2 more, making it 4 a year, and couple that with a reduction is the police’s workforce by two as well, or 4.

is this prison abolition?

under the current non-abolitionist framework the government is under, some prisons have been demolished (just one example https://www.prisonlegalnews.org/news/2021/apr/1/baltimore-demolishes-mar…)

and there have been more drastic reductions in the population than the one proposed in my imaginary scenario



it’s almost as if being a prison abolitionist without being an anarchist doesn’t make sense, right? can’t just eliminate prisons and leave the state and society as is and expect anything different than disaster as usual

Probably be right-wing militias waiting with guns to welcome back their freed comrades and kill all the other prisoners.

“Imagine tomorrow all prisons decide to let everyone out, and after they’re empty, they’re imploded. “

Imagine if anarchistnews had a basic grammer checker.

…as if right-wing militias are the only armed gangs supporting their people in prison? Not quite.

Best guess if ALL prisoners being released: cops will get more busy with the actually dangerous people and the lesser violent people like us will have it easier.

I do get tho, that prisons are amplifying the problem, i.e. making the incarcerated into being more dangerous/fucked up people than they used to be, so to release them all might just improve things a little.

Lock up your daughters and sons, even the wife (in their bedrooms, not in jails silly) and don’t walk the streets at night, buy a gun, only go shopping in a group and never alone. Look over your shoulder all the time whilst walking the dog. Be extra vigilant and p9aranoid. Don’t make eye c9ntact with people in the street they may be lunatics or schizo. Don’t smile or be friendly to strangers in the street they will take advantage of you and kill you for your wallet.

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