January 16, 2022
From Anarchist News

So, you’re not a millionaire, you can’t buy half a house, but you’re not skint anymore.

I imagine there are at least a few anarchists out there who are relatively used to substantial amounts of money in bank accounts. Perhaps there are even a few more on top who actually know how to utilize the numerical pixels without the deleterious headfuck. I have never had either experience as an anarchist; That is, until now.

It’s a baneful feeling for me, as it has taken the deaths of both my parents within 6 months for the status quo to take a big magical fiat dump on my pretensions. Sure, a little bit of money gets me a new pair of reading glasses and the prospect of getting my teeth fixed, but I have much beyond a flash amp and a stupidly priced guitar. Maybe you have a grander plan that doesn’t include resorting to recursive money wank.

This topic of the week is an expedition for me. Despite the radical isms that surround me, it is to my poverty that there are few within my direct milieu who are not seduced by the comfort and rot of prevailing Liberal and middle-class fairy tales. I am very much tempted to deprive this bunch of arseholes of an arsehole, and parachute my loaded butt-cheeks onto another more “worthy” ecology.

I don’t know what to do with all this dough. I’m worn down.

What would you do?

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Source: Anarchistnews.org