November 22, 2021
From Anarchist News

What is social media good for? How do you use it for what works for you, how do you remind yourself what your goals are for using it, and when do you know that you’ve lost the thread? What are the ways you use it that you would call anarchist, and why would you call them anarchist? Or are anarchy and social media on two different planes that don’t intercept each other for you?

I am starting to be on a social media platform that I’ve never used before, and it’s making me think about these things: what is the point of adding a vote to something that’s already got hundreds or thousands of votes? What kind of intimacy is it possible to have, or desirable to have, on such a platform? As someone who hates celebrity culture, for (among other things) the way that it makes people think they know other people based on entirely mediated and alienated representations, which then become part of the celebrity’s understanding of themselves… it’s hard not to see social media as the radical decentralization of that, so that everyone is encouraged to be that flattened and reactive version of themselves. Does having multiple accounts make that different for the multiple-accounted, since it allows at least for breadth, if not necessarily more depth?

And for those who make mistakes, get overly vulnerable, misinterpret something, share too much, whatever the mistake might look like, how does one recover? How do you recognize that you’ve gone too far, what even makes something a mistake in this context? (Perhaps cancelling is a big thing in some circles because it’s one of the few clear boundaries–or the only one, demonstrating that something bad has actually happened?)

Accepting that anarchistnews is a social media forum (even if you don’t use any others), all of us here are implicated in these questions. How do you use social media anarchistically/anarchically?