December 10, 2020
From Radical Guide

In October, we hosted and participated in the People’s Movement Assembly where we explored the question, ‘What would a constitutional renewal in the United States look like?”

Now we, coalition of organizers with you, and Democracy Unlimited are taking the next step.  A Radical Guide is happy to announce the campaign and website ‘Toward a People’s Constitution

Visit the site and sign up.

By signing up you’ll be notified of future People’s Movement Assemblies (which will continue virtually/nationally, with the long term goal of many local People’s Movement Assemblies all over the U.S.) and other educational events as we continue to build and organize toward the systemic solutions that are at the scale necessary to deal with the converging social, economic and ecological crisis that are rapidly unfolding all around us.


We The People of the United States, recognizing the violence the US government has imposed upon so many globally and domestically, call for a popular and democratic re-imagining of the federal constitution.

We are a growing coalition of organizers creating a conversation about constitutional renewal in the United States through public education, People’s Movement Assemblies, art, and direct action. We’ve created this website as a space to host learning and organizing materials, conversation, and action items on the path Towards a People’s Constitution.

Democratic constitutional renewal processes require mass movement building, public education, culture change, and strategy. Mass social movements for democratization and expansion of rights must center those most impacted by oppressive institutions – and in re-imagining the US Constitution, we move towards a future crafted by the many who were excluded from the current constitution.

The US Constitution currently recognized as “the law of the land” was created in secret by a homogenous group of wealthy elites representing their proprietary interests. At this time, only 5-8% of the population of this land were considered “people” – thus creating a cultural and legal foundation for the oppression of the populace. It has taken broad, deep social movements to pass the Bill of Rights and subsequent amendments to expand protections and rights.

We believe – as many do – that t he establishment, protection and enforcement of Unalienable Rights must be the constitution’s reason for being and those rights should direct freedom to govern in all things, in the hands of each community, except where a law would limit or violate anyone’s Unalienable Rights. We want a constitution that protects human rights, and rights of nature. We want a foundation that prioritizes People and Planet over property and profit. We want everyone to have a role in crafting how our society works – after all, that is what we believe democracy to be.

We offer this work to our fellow civilians with humility, and with audacity to those in power who will try to quell us. If you want to keep updated and be a part of this work, please join us!