February 15, 2021
From Bure Bure Bure

Training: « Medic all terrain »

On 25/04 – 02/05 2021 we inviting everyone who would like to gain knowlage about medic practice during demonstrations in urban and rural enviroments. This week gonna be on the old « gare » of lumeville, in the south of meuse (france). We would like especially invite those who lack experiance in topic.

In times when social struggles rising globally facing harsh reactions from aparatus of opression (such states and neo-fascist) we percive role of medics as one of particular importance. One that can asure biger safety during demonstrations on streets and land and thus rising effectivnes of thouse tactics and prevent them to be suppres.

Our organizational capacity aloud us to invite maximum 50 people so please if you are interested in taking part inform us before on mail below. We have 30 places in colective house in which 8 is in non-cismale room. So some people will need to sleep in a tents (but camping places is plenty).

Information that we would like to have before you arrive:
– are you arriving alone or with group and haw big your group is.
– are you ok to sleep in a tent or you need place in collective house. If the second is an option are you ok to sleep in a mixed room or in non-cismale one.
– do you have some special needs that we should now about and take care in adcance (helth conditions, allergies!, etc.)

food will be vegan and plenty so you not need to bring it with you. There will be also spot for not-vegan cooking. There will be small cooking group on the spot but we want also rely on self-organization some help from participants will be needed.

The whole week will be bilingual (french and english)

e-mail: laglum(at)riseup.net


Source: Bureburebure.info