May 25, 2019
From Red And Black Leeds (UK)

Picture of our banner, kindly taken by @bombshellroodi on Instagram.

On the 31st of March members of RABL attended the Trans Pride march in Leeds. There was a really good turnout and it was a lovely day.

We used this opportunity to argue that in a capitalist society, the bulk of issues effecting trans people disproportionately harmed working class trans people and making transphobia a largely working class issue. We did this by distributing a leaflet, written by trans members of RABL which drew inspiration from articles by Shon Faye and Sadie Cash.

A5 copy of the leaflet given out at Trans Pride.

We would encourage any groups who find this leaflet useful to use it for themselves. Anarchist positions rarely seem to extend beyond trans inclusivity and other groups seem sceptical about discussing anything that might be deemed “identity politics”, and in our opinion this leaflet bridges this divide. Obviously credit is appreciated but when it comes down to it, spreading the message is more important.

Copy of the leaflet to be printed on A4 paper.

Below is a reproduction of the leaflet along with an image description:

[Image of a white leaflet with a pink and blue border representing the trans flag. The title in cursive, with a trans symbol as the “O” says “Our Struggle Is The Class Struggle”. The rest of the text, superimposed over an image of a red and black star and the trans symbol, says:

– As trans people we tend to be poorer, and the poorer we are the more vulnerable we are to transphobia.

– We’re more likely to be unemployed. A third of employers admit to being less likely to employ us.

– We suffer worse working conditions than our colleagues. One in eight of us have been physically attacked at work! We are often forced into precarious jobs such as sex work due to this and fear of unemployment.

– When we try to access healthcare, at the GP or hospital, we’re considered exceptionally difficult to treat even for issues not relevant to being trans. A broken arm becomes a “trans broken arm”, and inadequately trained and understaffed healthcare facilities often turn us away.

– Due to inconsistent funding many of us are left unnecessarily infertile. Gamete storage is particularly inaccessible for those of us assigned female at birth.

– We are far more likely to face housing problems due to discrimination and parental rejection.

Bosses, politicians, and landlords exploit us all, and are the ones with the power to translate society’s transphobia into problems in our daily lives. Our co-workers, fellow tenants, and neighbours are our natural allies in fighting the exploitation we all face, and the additional problems we face as trans people. We can see this in the case of a trans person in Sheffield, who was sacked for using the toilet only to be re-hired as a result of her union, the IWW, picketing the company. The solution is to organise with other working class people for better working conditions, more accessible housing, adequate benefits, a sufficiently funded healthcare system.

Fight sexism. Fight homophobia. Fight transphobia. Fight capitalism.

There’s a circled A in the bottom corner.]

About RABL

A group of anarchist-communists working towards the revolutionary destruction of capitalism and the state.