October 23, 2021
From Just Say No

Screenshot from video

This is a translation of a post made on Indymedia Athens.

The original post takes responsibility for a molotov cocktail attack on the “General Secretariat for Public Administration Information Systems” building in southwest Athens. This building hosts the gov.gr domain which is the online home of most Greek government sites and services.

The attack can be seen in this video that was attached to the claim of responsibility:

The text overlaid on the video says:

Solidarity with the 14 comrades
Against mandatory DNA acquisition

The phrase “executive state” in the opening line refers to a recent reorganization of government power structure, summarized here by the ruling party’s newspaper. It can be broadly characterized as Americanization, shifting authority to a strong executive.

More information on the Greek state’s partnership with Palantir can be found in this investigative report.

The mentioned case of the 8 in Nea Smyrni refers to the state’s recent attempt to fabricate a link between youths arrested for drug dealing and anti-police actions claimed by anarchists.

Attack on the General Secretariat of Information Systems (KEPYO) of Moschato on 10/10/21

The Executive State is organized, equipped and implemented.

During the pandemic, while the Mitsotakis government restricted our freedom in every possible way, it is no surprise the government not only continued arming its ground forces but also strengthening its electronic hegemony.

Under the pretext of providing teleconferencing services, to meet the needs of remote learning, the data of 1.6 million users of the WebEX platform is given to Cisco, which can reuse it for its own business purposes. As a result of telemetry, our lives are constantly being commercialized and resold to anyone interested. They are catalogued and stored indefinitely.

The Greek central administration wants a digitized database, to fight lawlessness– or really, for absolute control.

December 2020 revealed the secret agreement with the American company Palantir Technologies, an agreement which provides the graphical user interface for and embodies a frightening reality of continuous monitoring, recording and feedback between the two partners. Palantir, a militaristic business group with CIA backing and connections around the world, is known to play an important role in the strategic moves of much state media. In addition to the digitization of data, the agreement also provides methods to deal with situations such as the fight against terrorism, immigration and the defense of the country’s territorial integrity in the Aegean, all part of the services that utilize and govern the Greek reality.

As if the scandals of the soap opera called government are not enough, the icing on the cake is a practice of targeting that we have observed for the umpteenth time lately (see the case of the 8 in Nea Smyrni). On Thursday September 4 2021, a comrade who was arrested in the occupied rectory of the National Technical University of Athens on November 13 2020 was requested to donate genetic material. The story does not end there, but has extended to a demand for the DNA of 13 other comrades who were arrested that night. DNA found by the Greek Police on two empty bottles in the occupied rectory supposedly was matched with blood stains found on paper after events in Exarcheia on December 7 2014.

As we can easily understand, of course, the reason for all this is documentation and the creation of science fiction scenarios for the political movement. Most of those arrested in 2014 were minors (13 to 14 years old) and from elsewhere in Greece.

In closing, our action in the General Secretariat of Information Systems is a sign of solidarity with those comrades, but also adding a touch to the systemic war.

P.S. We call for support in a week of solidarity for the 14: (October 25-31).

P.P.S. We call for a continuous barrage of attacks

P.P.P.S. Stop all persecution of our comrades, violent repression of the demonstrations and evacuations of squats, because next time we will not attack windows and walls


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