March 16, 2021
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The text was also distributed outside the court in a leaflet that also contains the statement made at the hearing of the first instance trial on 18/10/2019 Ai-cuori-ardenti-pieghevole.pdf
What are the conditions and in what direction will history unfold? These questions are insoluble. What we know as of now is that life will be less inhuman the greater the individual ability to think and act.
Simone Weil
Two years have passed since the beginning of the operation that led to our arrest and since, months later, we set down in black and white what we had to say about it. To this day, five of us are subjected to preventive measures in awaiting the appeal trial, measures that are not even counted against the sentence. A “compulsory residence” order which in in reality is a sort of “confinement” as we find ourselves divided and scattered over various parts of the peninsula. However, what has happened in the meantime is far more worthy of mention. We could simply say without too many frills that the world (still that outside for some of us, but not only us it seems) has literally changed completely. The Covid19 epidemic has slammed in our faces not only what the consequences of the capitalist social organization can be (with the devastation of nature, two centuries of industrial war on the planet we inhabit, scientific irresponsibility in search of solutions for more and more profit), but also what the response of the States can be to include potential dissidents in the same logic of resignation that led us to this two-thousand-twenty-one.
Thus the indifference of “democratic society” came in the face of the State massacres in the prisons, a society which finding itself amidst the comforts on this side of the wall, let the screams of the prisoners who first raised their heads be stifled. Those screams of desperation found a society ready to “accept” the daily life of the curfew, a society capable of adapting to the logic of incarceration. This we must note: from here, from being accustomed to an increasingly horrific normality, is born indifference, gradually transforming itself into the incapacity of a critical spirit concerning all the rest: taking care of one another, real solidarity, rendered “illicit” and “criminal” by repressive operations, but perhaps even more by the resignation in seeing Truth only in the slogans of the State (how can you forget the flags on balconies, the “far apart but united”, “we are all in the same boat” and finally faith in Science as the sole “god the saviour” ). Like wiping the slate clean of the real, class conflict, the digitalization of the world as it presents itself as an escape from a reality that “it is better not to see” can only accelerate this process of detachment from the world. These are messages of our time that we need to start to see clearly.
But besides trying to see clearly, we are among those who are trying to look far away to find the strength to fight now, because the internationalist terrain is what gives meaning to all the struggles for freedom. And it certainly hasn’t escape our attention that in many parts of the world hundreds of thousands of oppressed are struggling against measures of containment that have everything of military and little of sanitary, against systematic police violence, against ever more authoritarian regimes.
And perhaps it is for this reason that the string of police operations that have struck anarchists in the last two years show increasingly repressive measures and strategies. Declaredly preventive arrests to prevent anyone «fanning the flames» of social discontent, accusations of terrorism against whoever resisted a beating in jail, the shameful accusation of massacre as a new repressive weapon to bury comrades under decades in the prisons (like the heavy Scripta Manent sentences and the ongoing trial against Juan).
But this must be understood in the present we are going through. If for example “conspiratorial” (when not, undermining the historical meaning of the word, marked with the category of “denier”,) is being used to label anyone who doesn’t accept the State’s package on all fronts, imposing the one-way of silence-assent, it is not surprising that a group of anarchists are accused of “instigation to commit crimes” or are put on trial for “subversive association” for having, among other things, pointed out (because it is not a question of who knows what innovative theories, it suffices to open a window) how and why the responsibilities for capitalist social organization are the effective causes of the origin and spread of this and other epidemics, wars, exploitation.
We also see in the court papers that take us to the appeal trial for operation Renata: where an anarchist magazine becomes the space for «the association’s declared aims» – as a premise certainly useful to the charge of “terrorism” – because it affirms the obviousness of the fact that a revolutionary process cannot «rule out forms of violent struggle». Those gentlemen, with their stubborn obstinacy in wanting to include anarchism in the hierarchical logic of the penal process, are trying to strike those who express the obvious of the fact that… «someone will end up believing it sooner or later»: if it wasn’t the tragic attempt to increase years in jail would be grotesque at the very least.
As could be expected, the declaration written on occasion of the first grade trial – “To flaming hearts”, which follows this premise – didn’t take long to reach the desks of various prosecutors. But we are certainly not seeking justice where it can’t be found, and we are aware that it is above all the disproportion of the balance of power in place that is giving ground to the repressive arrogance of the State. Only when struggles manage to gain ground will the roles of society we live in become clearer, also those of the judicial farce, and the weapons of repression become less effective. For this we think this two-thousand-and-twenty-one is also the result of an inconsistent and silenced revolutionary spirit, even if not wholly incapable of imagining itself. But we also know that there are (im)possible roads that can change things. Bakunin wrote at the dawn of the Commune of Paris: « by striving to do the impossible, man has always achieved what is possible». We know it as do all the anarchists who find themselves behind bars in every corner of the world. To them we send our greetings, our complicity, fervent solidarity that braces us in action. We are doing it today and will remember it tomorrow if we find ourselves between the narrow walls of a cell once again.
Yes, we will continue to be stubborn because we know that it is only with this spirit that we can look ahead, to keep on fighting for freedom, working with the means we consider most suitable and aware that we are facing an enemy that, spontaneously, won’t take one step back. The heartbeat we feel can never be perceived by the judgement of a social organization offspring of profit and competition. We look beyond to see clearly. But turning our gaze to our hands and minds won’t be enough.
Above all we must turn it to our hearts.
Our flaming hearts.
Trento, February 22, 2021
Stecco, Agnese, Rupert, Sasha, Poza, Nico and Giulio


[read also : pdf fiery-hearts. This text was written collectively by the anarchists arrested in Trentino, Italy in Operation Renata in October 2019. The verdict in their case is likely to come down on December 5, 2019. This translation is from the source texts on Round Robin and draws on the French translation on Attaque. There are two appendices from those same sources providing additional context.]via: borderedbysilence.
Operation Renata – Updates from Beppe’s hearing
The hearing for the indictment On February 24, involving only Beppe concerning the placing of a container with inflammable liquid outside an ATM of the post office. Two experts were heard.
Given the discrepancies in the DNA reports, another was ordered. On March 9 there will be a hearing with the assignment to another expert.
The sentence has been postponed, probably to April.