Since 27 May 1995, for 26 years, Saturday Mothers have been struggling to learn the fate of their relatives disappeared in custody and to hold the perpetrators accountable.

They have been telling the gangster face of the state, which has been on the agenda for 26 years, and they have been shouting the facts about the perpetrator state murders.

While holding a sit-in in Galatasaray Square on Saturdays for years, since the 700th week of the protest, street protests have been banned by the decision of the interior minister, who claims that “he was not unsolved during his time”. It was banned because it was not wanted to be heard that thousands of us, who could not come back from detention and were seen forcibly put in a vehicle in the middle of the street, were tortured and killed by the state law enforcement officers in police stations, roadsides and acid wells. Those who asked about the fate of the disappeared were detained and arrested. But the Saturday Mothers did not give up.

Despite all the threats, oppression and attacks for 26 years, the Saturday Mothers’ struggle for justice continues.

And you, losers! You will not be defeated by a tripod and a camera, but by the anger of mothers who have not given up for 26 years!

Losers will lose!